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Youth Conference

An event organized by SCJ Youth to show love and unity with the community

Events coming

Shincheonji 12 Tribes 3rd Unprecedented Graduation:
108,084 New Graduates, Validate the Best Truth of 6,000 Years!

The word of Revelation is being made known plainly and it is fulfilling in front of our eyes. Please come and listen, check and see for yourselves!

Register for this month's intake of the Zion Christian Mission Centre and start learning the Bible today!

Haere Mai, Afio Mai and Welcome to Shincheonji NZ


Through our reputable theology and distinguished teaching methods, Shincheonji NZ has been leading the way in creating a new generation of leaders, believers and servants of Christ. Come and study with us, to awaken your heart, grow your faith and change your life as you understand God’s will for you and the global village.

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At the last part of God's 6,000 year work,
the best truth in the history of mankind is preached.
Shincheonji's Bible Seminar
Lecturer Chairman Lee Man-hee
Auckland  |  Wellington  |  Apia  | Online nationwide!

If you add to or subtract from the book of Revelation, you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven, and you will be cursed (Revelation 22:18~19).


Shincheonji has been testifying to the fulfilment of the events in the entire book of Revelation that have been seen and heard.

Come and check!

Image by Timothy Eberly

“Open my eyes that I may see
the wonderful things in your law”

Psalm 119:18




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Testimonials from Pastors

Many pastors who have completed this course in the past have expressed how their knowledge and faith in God has increased by seeing for themselves what the Bible says.

Click on the tabs to read what they are saying.

"I have been a pastor for a long time, but this is the first time the Bible is explained clearly and according to the Bible."

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