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Bible Course


Are You Ready for a Breakthrough?


This FREE theology course was developed for pastors and believers who want to revive their knowledge and understanding of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and in turn, revive their churches too! Become more equipped about key topics such as biblical covenants, why Jesus spoke in parables and how to know the truth about the mysteries of the end times. 

This course is grounded on solid biblical content and helps with knowing how to apply the word practically be led by God into a new level of intellectual and spiritual maturity, and develop Bible-based leadership skills which help with the ability to function as productive leaders in a rapidly growing, changing and diverse society. 


Benefits of Studying this Course

Course participants will gain practical understanding and implementation of scripture, and learn to handle and use the Word of God properly and productively.

Participants, having completed the course will hold a full arsenal of inspired content for sermons to teach their congregations.

Malachi 2:7 
For the lips of a priest ought to preserve knowledge, because he is the messenger of the Lord Almighty and people seek instruction from his mouth.

Image by Ben White

Answer the questions of your congregation with scriptural certainty from now on!​

  • Understand the full context of the Bible, see the relationship between the Old and New Testaments and the purpose of both. See how each book interlinks and also concludes in the last book, Revelation.

  • Realise God's plan for His people for 6,000 years and know how to align ourselves with His plan for us today.

  • Study deeply about God's secrets/mysteries/signs and why the Bible contains these.

  • Understand the prophecies about the end times in the books of the gospels and Revelation.

Advanced Theology Covered in 3 Modules


Prophecies of the New Testament that Jesus spoke in parables.


Connections between the Old and New Testaments.


Covering the prophecies and fulfilment of Revelation chapter by chapter.

Course Prerequisites

  • Four small group sessions

Each participant is required to do four initial small group/one-on-one lessons to allow for everyone to begin the course on the same page of understanding though they come from different backgrounds of faith, denomination and level of training. 

Course Duration

  • All 3 Modules: covered within 6 months

  • Sessions: 3 times per week for approx. 1.5 hrs

The sessions will be comprised of the main lecture followed by small group discussions.


Commitment to attending all sessions each week and keeping good communication with facilitators is an important requirement. 


Course held in-person and online!

We recommend joining us in-person for those whose location allows.

For those joining online, you will be sent a new Zoom link before each session, after you have confirmed your attendance.

Course Schedule

Start: 20th June 2024

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