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Zion Mission Centre

The Zion Christian Mission Centre is a free Bible Centre, established in 1990 and based in over 200 countries in the world. Our aim is to share the Word of God and provide a comprehensive, in-depth study of the Christian Bible to everyone everywhere regardless of religion, denomination or educational background. The Zion Christian Mission Centre is a free seminary institution that teaches only the Bible as it is. 

It started with just a handful of seeking students, and has since grown to produce over 300,000 graduates. In 2019 alone, 100,000 people from across the globe graduated. The courses are free of charge, as God states in the Bible that the water of life should be given for free in Revelation 22:17 and Revelation 21:6.


ZMC in New Zealand

In 2015, a branch was established in New Zealand. Since then, our team of teachers and students has grown rapidly, with the influx of many students each month, as the understanding of the Word becomes a passion to teach and share with others!


To increase course accessibility, we offer regular, online courses throughout the year.

 Our Team 

Each of our courses are facilitated by a Theology Instructor and a team of supporting educators, who all have extensive understanding and knowledge of the Bible. We are committed to connecting with and supporting/mentoring each student by equipping them with the Word of God, so that they can lead a fruitful and rewarding life of faith.

The Zion Mission Centre Instructors are those who have personally completed the Zion Mission Centre course, a number of times and are professionally trained in ministry and delivering the knowledge and heart of the Bible to others. 


 What We Are Passionate About 


Those who are a part of the Zion Mission Centres are those whose lives have been positively impacted through knowing the Word of God. They are passionate about God, the Word, life, and connection with others! All of the educators are qualified with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God’s Word and they all willingly volunteer their time and efforts to serve God and the wider church community. Their heart is to help attendees know and understand God’s Word, and to be available for regular communication, prayer, and educational support as needed. 

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